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July 28th: St. Croix Route (MN/WI); Driftless Pics + 8 NEW ROUTES!

St. Croix Route (MN/WI)

Our northernmost route is named for the St. Croix River and actually takes you exploring throughout two major river valleys. While most of this route is located in Wisconsin, the portion in Minnesota has some amazing views and should not be missed.

This route, along with the Red Wing Fairbault Route are our routes which are closest to the Twin Cities. Due to this route’s proximity to the Twin Cities, it passes through larger towns and cities than most of our other routes. But, the advantage is that you will have the opportunity to experience some of the great historic sites and waterside parks along the way.

The St. Croix Route starts in Prescott, Wisconsin and follows the Mississippi River southeast before turning and zig-zagging north along the St. Croix River. In this part of the Driftless area, large bluffs give way quickly to rolling hills. Our St. Croix Route is designed to make maximum use of the biggest hills before they flatten out.

In addition to the parks and other historic sites, this route provides access to Wisconsin Rustic Roads #13 and #92.

For more information about the St. Croix Route, Click Here!

Click Here for more information about other Driftless Area Routes!

Driftless Fun Fact:

The Stillwater Lift Bridge (pictured above) over the St. Croix River between Stillwater, Minnesota, and Houlton, Wisconsin, was constructed in 1931. The 10-span bridge includes six steel Parker through truss spans, one movable span of the type commonly known as a “Waddell and Harrington vertical lift,” and three concrete slab approach spans.

The Stillwater Lift Bridge is significant as a rare surviving example of vertical-lift highway bridge construction of the Waddell and Harrington type. Only six vertical-lift highway bridges were built in Minnesota and Wisconsin prior to World War II.

While originally intended to carry car traffic on State Highway 36, it was closed in 2017 and reopened in 2020 as a pedestrian/bicycle bridge. You can see this bridge while riding the St. Croix Route.

Richland Center (WI) Driftless Trip Pictures

A few weeks ago, Renee and I were able to squeeze in a short trip to the Southern part of the Driftless Area near Richland Center, WI.

Since we had some other obligations, we had to take shorter rides, but we managed to take 3 great rides. We rode small sections of the following routes: White Mound Route, Boaz Caz Route, Lower Kickapoo Route and the Wisconsin Triangle Route.

There were rivers, bluffs, farms and forests. While we stayed on the paved roads for this trip, there is plenty of gravel for off-road riders too.

At times the roads are on the ridgetops, so you can see for miles. At other times, there are tree canopied valleys that provide cool shade on a hot day.

The town roads have creative names and often provide great riding!

Great roads, great scenery, great riding partner!

Introducing 8 New Routes:

Between riding and other summer obligations, we have not had as much time to create as many new routes as we wanted. But we were able to finish 8 new routes; 7 in the Ozarks and 1 in the Colorado Rockies. Here they are:

Springfield MO Loop: Paved loop in Southwest Missouri, starting and ending in Springfield.

Eminence Alton Loop: Paved loop in Southern Missouri, South of the town of Eminence.

Calico Rock Loop: Paved loop in Northeast Arkansas including Calico Rock and Mountain View.

Heavener Mt Ida Loop: Paved loop on the Oklahoma / Arkansas border.

Ouachita National Forest Loop: Paved loop in the Ouachita National Forest, West of Little Rock, AR.

Russellville Mt Nebo Loop: Paved loop in Northwest Arkansas ending in Mt. Nebo.

Stillwell Loop: Paved loop on the Oklahoma / Arkansas border.

Estes Park Dual Sport Loop: Gravel / Paved loop in Rocky Mountain National Park (CO).

Be sure to check them out!

Driftless Challenge:

The July Driftless Challenge is almost over!! We are accepting entries until midnight on Sunday, July 31st. Be sure to get your photos in to be entered!

Click Here for more information about the Driftless Challenge!

Thanks for all your support!

Ride Safe,

Dale and Renee

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