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The Estes Park Dual Sport Loop starts in Estes Park, Colorado and explores part of Rocky Mountain National Park.  This loop starts toward the park, but quickly leaves the main road to follow the Fall River up into the mountains.  This road is seasonal and quickly turns to gravel and climbs up to the Alpine Visitor Center.


From the Alpine Visitor Center, the route quickly winds down the mountainside to the Colorado River Trailhead.  At this point, the route reverses course and heads back up the mountain toward the Alpine Visitor Center again.  Once past the Visitor Center, riders will follow the main road back toward Estes Park.  Be sure to stop at some of the amazing viewpoints and overlooks along the way.


After a fun and scenic ride back down the mountain, this route ends up back in Estes Park.  Motorcycle Rides, Colorado, Estes Park


Location:  Northern Colorado

Approximate Mileage:  65 miles

Estimated Riding Time:  3.75 Hours 

Surface:  Paved and Gravel



Estes Park - Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, Hidden Valley, Many Parks Overlook, Rainbow Curve Overlook, Forest Canyon Overlook, Tundra Communities - Trailhead, Lava Cliffs Overlook, Gore Range Overlook, Alpine Visitor Center, Medicine Bow Curve, Continental Divide - RMNP, Beaver Ponds

Estes Park Dual Sport Loop

  • If you are riding with a group, we ask that every person using our route for navigation purchase their own copy.


    In order to encourage this, we are happy to offer a discount for group purchases. Please contact us after purchasing 1 item at full price, and we will set up a coupon code that will give everyone in your group 50% off of the same item.

  •  Our digital routes are designed to operate in most GPS devices. In addition to GPSs, our routes should work with several smartphone apps.


    We have tested many Smartphone Apps and here is what we have found:


    Please Note

    • Some Smartphone Apps require a paid version to allow importing routes.
    • Testing was for ‘Follow the Line” only, not “Turn by Turn”.
    • If you use an app not listed below, let us know and we will try to test it for you.
    • We are not experts on Smartphone Apps. We will try to answer any and all questions, but there may be better resources online.


    Apps That Will Work With Our Routes:


    • REVER
    • Scenic (IOS Only)
    • Kurviger (Android Only)
    • Detecht
    • OsmAnd
    • Avenza
    • Calimoto
    • Gaia
    • Ride with GPS
    • GPS Tracks
    • InRoute
    • Harley Davidson
    • Indian Ride Command
    • My Triumph
    • GPX Viewer 2
    • Garmin Explore


    Apps That Will NOT Work With Our Routes:


    • Google Maps
    • Apple Maps
    • Waze
    • Riser
    • ESR (Eat Sleep Ride)
    • RoadTrippers
    • Sygic
    • Guru
    • Road Warrior Route Planner


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