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June 28th: Mile High (CO) Trip + Firecracker Sale + Driftless Challenge Update

In a few weeks, Renee and I are heading to Colorado to take in the scenery and the amazing roads!

Renee and I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time. Here are some of the loops we are planning to ride.

Mt. Evans Loop (pictured above) is an 80 mile, 4 hour ride: Highlights include: Mt. Evans Scenic Byway (the highest paved road in the US), Mt. Evans, Chicago Springs, Chicago Creek Waterfall, Summit Lake Park and more!

Click Here for more information about the Mt. Evans Loop!


Aspen Park Evergreen Loop:

The Aspen Park Evergreen Loop is an 80 mile, 3.5 hour ride. Highlights include visits to Evergreen and the Evergreen Dam, Maxwell Falls Trail, Shadow Mountain Trail, and a ton of great roads!

Click Here for more information about the Aspen Park Evergreen Loop!


Golden CO Loop:

The Golden CO Loop is located just West of Golden Colorado. It is an 85 mile 3.5 hour ride. Beginning and ending in Golden, in addion to 3 tunnels, this ride includes the following highlights: Windy Saddle Park, Buffalo Bill Museum and Gravesite, Lookout Mountain Nature Center, Mother Cabrini Shrine, Alameda Parkway Dinosaur Tracks, Red Rocks Park, Lair O' the Bear Park and Tiny Town.

Click Here for more information about the Golden CO Loop!


Boulder Golden CO Loop:

The Boulder Golden CO Loop explores the mountains just west of and between Boulder and Golden Colorado. It is just over 100 miles long and and about 3.75 riding hours.

In addition to the great roads, this loop includes Boulder Canyon Tunnal, Boulder Canyon Trail, Panama Steam Shovel, Boulder Falls, Barker Dam, and the Peak to Peak Highway.

Click Here for more information about the Boulder Golden CO Loop!

Big 4th of July Firecracker Sale:

From now until July 5th, take advantage of our Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale! Select 2 Digital Routes, and use the Coupon Code BoomBOGO at checkout. You will get one of the routes for free, basically 2 for the price of 1. What a Great Deal! Click HERE to start shopping now!

Driftless Challenge Update:

We are wrapping up the June 2023 Driftless Challenge, but there is still time to get your entry in.

We are enjoying all of the photos people are sending us and we are happy that people are getting out to ride this summer.

If you don't have time to get into the June contest, don't worry, we are running the contest every month through October!

Click Here for more information about the Driftless Challenge!


The smoke this week has made riding difficult in the midwest. Hopefully it will abate soon and riding will be a bit more fun soon. We hope that everyone is having a safe and happy summer.

Safe Travels!

Dale and Renee

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