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The Mount Evans (now called Mount Blue Sky) Loop is located in central Colorado, West of Denver.  This route starts in Idaho Springs and follows Chicago Creek up a canyon on the Mt. Evans Scenic Byway.  Eventually the road starts to climb up the sides of the canyon through switchbacks and other inclines.


Just pask Echo Lake and the Mount Evans Welcome Station, the route begins an out and back trip to the top of Mt Evans.  This route climbs gradually up the mountain sides past the tree line and Summit Lake.  Just past Summit Lake the road changes to a series of switchbacks up to the Mt. Evans Welcome Center and Summit.


After descending back to the Welcome Station, the route continues on and follows the ridgetop until it reaches Witter Gulch Road.  Witter Gulch Road is another short out and back leg that follows a series of switchbacks down into the valley to the Mt. Evans Elk Management Area.


At the bottom, this route makes a quick loop and climbs those same switchbacks up the main road for the ride back to the bottom of the mountain.  Near the bottom, the route turns onto some minor roads and weaves between the foothills to the Interstate.  From there it is a short ride on I-70 back to Idaho Springs.  Motorcycle Rides, Colorado, Idaho Springs, Mt Goliath, Mount Goliath


Location:  Central Colorado

Approximate Mileage:  80 miles

Estimated Riding Time:  4.5 Hours 

Surface:  Paved



Idaho Springs - Charlie Tayler Water Wheel, Mt Evans Scenic Byway, Chicago Springs, Chicago Creek Waterfall, Echo Lake, Mount Evans, Meyer-Womble Observatory, Arapahoe Springs, Argo Gold Mine and Tunnel, Mount Evans

Evergreen - Mount Goliath Natural Area & Dos Chappell Nature Center, Summit Lake Park

Mount Evans Loop

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  •  Our digital routes are designed to operate in most GPS devices. In addition to GPSs, our routes should work with several smartphone apps.


    We have tested many Smartphone Apps and here is what we have found:


    Please Note

    • Some Smartphone Apps require a paid version to allow importing routes.
    • Testing was for ‘Follow the Line” only, not “Turn by Turn”.
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    Apps That Will Work With Our Routes:


    • REVER
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    • Gaia
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    • Indian Ride Command
    • My Triumph
    • GPX Viewer 2
    • Garmin Explore


    Apps That Will NOT Work With Our Routes:


    • Google Maps
    • Apple Maps
    • Waze
    • Riser
    • ESR (Eat Sleep Ride)
    • RoadTrippers
    • Sygic
    • Guru
    • Road Warrior Route Planner


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