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Nov. 16: Winter Workshop Update + Missoula Moscow, ID Loop

This week we have more details available about the Winter Workshops and we are highlighting one of our all-time favorite 2-day rides!

Winter Workshops:

As we mentioned last week, we are working with some riding groups and motorcycle dealers to put on some Route Planning Workshops this winter.

The topics we will be covering are: GPS Theory, Garmin Basecamp Introduction and Demonstration, REVER Trip Planner Introduction and Demonstration, Loading GPS Routes into Navigation Devices and Smartphones.

We will also be giving away some door prizes during the presentation as well as providing discounts to workshop attendees!

Here is the current workshop schedule:

Nov 19th: Private Session: Pure Stodge Touring Association

Dec. 4th: Public Session: Woodstock KTM/Triumph

Woodstock, IL

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Workshop size is limited to the first 20 people. Reserve your spot here:

There were initially some issues with the sign-up sheet, so if you are not able to get this link to work, go to the Woodstock Triumph Facebook Page, click on the events tab and then follow that link to the sign up sheet.

Jan. 6th: Public Session: BMW Motorcycles of Richfield

Richfield, MN

Workshop time and signup sheet will be available in late November.

Jan. 7th: Private Session: BMW Motorcycle Owners Club of Minnesota

Jan. 28th: Public Session: Triumph Waukesha

Waukesha, WI

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Sign Up Sheet will be available in mid-late Dec.

We are also working on scheduling 2 more public sessions in Madison and LaCrosse, WI.

If you would like us to put on a workshop for your group or business, send us a note at:

Missoula Moscow (MT/ID) Loop

The Missoula Moscow Loop is a 2 day loop that is located mostly in Idaho, but starts and ends in Missoula, Montana. We consider this a dual sport ride because both days include several miles of gravel that are unavoidable.

This 2 day ride could be one of our all-time favorites. It is 2 full days of awesome roads and incredible scenery. Starting in Missoula, MT, the route heads North and West until it joins Highway 135 and follows the Clark Fork River to St. Regis, MT. Fill up with gas in St. Regis because it is the last gas stop until you get to St. Maries (about 100 miles). There might be gas available in Avery (60 miles) but don’t count on it.

At St. Regis, this route becomes gravel until you get to the Idaho border. When you get to the border of Idaho, the road becomes Gold Creek Road, and is one of my favorite roads. It is a paved road that twists and turns all the way down to the St. Joe River and the St. Joe River Road. The St. Joe River Road is another amazing road that follows the curves of the St. Joe River all the way to St. Maries, ID. Gold Creek and St. Joe River roads are both amazing because of the great riding surface, the curves, the scenery, and very little traffic. St. Maries is a nice sized town with plenty of opportunities for gas and food.

Day 2 begins with a short ride South to Lewiston and a ride down the Old Spiral Highway. Be sure to stop at the top to take in the view before heading down into Lewiston. From Lewiston you will follow the Clearwater River before turning South once again. At Culdesac the route jumps on the old Winchester Grade road. This is a crazy road that follows the contours of the land all the way into the town of Winchester. Be careful, this is a narrow road with occasional traffic and rough spots. After Winchester you will ride South and East through farmland and small farm towns. Eventually this route becomes gravel again as it changes to Winona Grade Road. This gravel road hugs the hillside with a steep dropoff on the downhill side. It is fairly wide and well graded (or it was when we rode it), but be careful. This road turns to pavement before it descends into Kooskia. When you leave Kooskia you are on US 12 which is also the Lolo Highway in Idaho. This famous stretch of road twists and turns for 99 miles up to the Lolo pass. It is about 140 miles between Kooskia and Lolo so be sure to fill up before you start on this leg of the trip. The Lolo Highway is a well maintained road with plenty to see and many places to stop along the way. From Lolo, it is a short ride back to the starting point in Missoula, and your trip is complete.

Click Here for more information about the Missoula Moscow Route!

Safe Travels!!

Dale and Renee

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