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Mar. 23: Jefferson Cty Uranus Loop, 2014 Bonneville Run, Workshop, Driftless Challenge 4/1!

Our Arizona trip got put on the back burner for a while, so we decided we are going to squeeze in a trip to the Ozarks this spring. One of the routes we will be riding is the Jefferson City Uranus Loop in Missouri.

The Jefferson City Uranus Loop is located in Southeast Missouri. Starting in St. Roberts, this route starts out in the valley along Interstate 44 and follows a section of Historic Rte. 66 before climbing to the ridgetop and turning North. The path North zigs and zags along the ridges before dropping down to cross the Osage River. The route then starts to angle to the Northeast and weaves back and forth all the way past Wardsville to Highway 50.

This route includes a stop at the (in)famous Uranus General Store. If you only watch one video today, it should be this one!

Click Here to get more information about the Jefferson City Uranus Loop!

For information about our other Ozark rides, Click Here!

Bonneville Motor Speedway Trials 2014: Diary of a New Record Holder:

In this article, Gary Ilminen tells us about his attempt at a Land Speed Record on his 1974 Honda CB350F!

Day 1, August 19.

We finished loading the night before, decided that anything we may have forgotten will be waiting for us when we got back and we could only hope whatever that may be was not essential.

We got on the road by 7 a.m. and made it to Lincoln, Neb., by late afternoon. About half way through Iowa, an occasional metallic clanging sound could be heard, apparently coming from the trailer.

I stopped to check it out and the safety chains appeared to be the problem. I readjusted them, but the noise continued. I stopped again and realized the tongue jack on the trailer had worked its way loose and the skid was hitting the pavement — a potentially very bad thing. I cranked it up and tightened it to prevent it from winding down again.

Click Here to read more about Gary's adventure and his world record attempt!

Route Planning Workshop:

We are still working on getting one more workshop scheduled. Our technical director is not available until April, so we are tentatively looking at the weekend of April 15/16. This will be a UTube live video that we will also be recording. We will announce the date and get a sign up sheet posted as soon as we get the date set.

2023 Driftless Challenge:

We are a little over a week away from the start of the 2023 Driftless Challenge!

We are excited to see the new photos from this year's challenge sites.

Click Here for more information about this free contest!


Safe Travels!

Dale and Renee

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