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Mar 13: Ohio 555 Loop, Touring Copper Peak (MI), GPS Workshop, REVER Whatever!

Lots to talk about this week. Let's get started!!

Our first new route in Ohio is the ever popular "Ohio Triple Nickel (555)".

The Ohio Triple Nickel Loop is located in Southeastern Ohio. Starting in Glouster, Ohio, riders head South through Ohio’s valleys and low lying hills and travel along the path of the Hocking River. The gentle curves and hills are plentiful as this ride meanders all the way to the banks of the Ohio River.

At the Ohio River, the route turns back to the North and eventually joins the famous ‘Triple Nickel’ Highway for a great ride back up into the heart of Ohio. The Triple Nickel is an amazing road that climbs and descends and weaves back and forth as it crosses the various rivers and streams along the way.

Click Here for more information about the Ohio Triple Nickel Loop.

"Ski Flying" Motorcycle Tour

This week we are featuring an article in "Ultimate Motorcycling" by Gary Ilminen:

We’ve told you about some of the points of interest and great touring destinations the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin in the past in stories like: Copper Peak, the largest artificial ski jumping tower in the world—so large, the sport is actually called “ski flying” not ski jumping—was described in some of our previous touring coverage. But in our prior coverage, we didn’t include what it’s like to go to the top of the massive tower from which the ski flyers launch jumps that can range out to nearly 600 feet!

So, in this, the last week of September (2019), with vivid fall colors spreading across the rugged northern highlands of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and norther Wisconsin, we decided it was time to get up there, go to the top and show you the colors from a vantage point that can’t be matched anywhere on land in the entire Upper Midwest—or in most of North America, for that matter.

First, a little history. Copper Peak was designed by Lauren Larsen, constructed in 1969 and opened in 1970 and has seen international ski flying competition held there a number of times, including coverage by the likes of ABC television’s iconic Wide World of Sports, is the site of the Red Bull 400, Trails Fest and other events. Indeed, this month marks the beginning of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the construction of the facility, so there couldn’t be a better time to check it out.

Click Here to read the rest of Gary's article!

Our Wisconsin Border Bond Falls Loop our closest route to the Copper Hill Ski Flying Hill.

Route Planning Workshop:

Renee and I are currently working to schedule another Route Planning Workshop. This will be an online event, so all are welcome. We don't have a final date yet because we are still working out some of the technical issues. When the date is finalized, we will post it here and on our social media sites.

Click Here if you want to download the slide deck we will be covering,

REVER Whatever:

The REVER team is hosting another session of REVER Whatever next week (3/22/23).

This session of REVER Whatever will focus on Creating a Commity, Connecting and Competing in Callenges. These sessions are hosted by REVER team members and they are happy to answer questions during and after the presentation.

Click Here for more information or to sign up for this free session!


Spring is rapidly approaching and we are getting excited about the rides we have planned.

Safe Travels!

Dale and Renee

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