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June 7th: Covington (VA) Loop

We rode the Covington (VA) loop this week and WOW! What a great route!

This was Renee's first ride of the year and it did not disappoint! From end to end this loop is a constant stream of hills and curves. While this loop sticks to a lot of the main roads, we also included some very small minor roads as well.

The Covington VA Loop is located in Northwest Virginia. Starting in Covington, this route climbs quickly and turns to the Southwest before coming to the first point of interest, the Humpback Bridge. Crossing under I-64, the path continues to the Southwest for a long stretch of curvy roads in the Dunlap Creek valley. The valley starts out fairly wide, but as the path...

Click Here for more information about the Covington VA Loop!

BMW National Rally!

This weekend we are excited to be at the BMW National Rally and presenting our Basecamp and GPS Operation workshop! We are scheduled to present Thursday and Saturday so we are hoping to get a ride to Chesapeake Bay in on Friday!

If you are at the rally and want to get together, send me a note and we will try to find a place and time to meet up.


Safe Travels!!

Dale and Renee

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1 Comment

Jun 08, 2023

if you ever have any training on gps near here (East Iowa) ,, please let me know,, id gladly send in payment and registration to attend,, thanks

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