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June 2nd: Arcadia (WI), BMW MOA Rally Presentation, May Challenge Winner!!

This week's highlighted route is the Arcadia Route in Wisconsin!

The Arcadia Route is named for the city of Arcadia, a popular motorcycle destination on Highway 95. Although Highway 95 is considered one of the best motorcycle roads in this area, we seek out the best “less traveled” roads that should not be missed, and this route is full of them. Due to the variety of terrain features, the Arcadia route provides riders with a wide range of riding experiences from tight, twisty turns to faster sweeping curves. This route is a great example of the type of riding that the Driftless Area has to offer, and it should be high on your to-do list.

Click Here for more information about the Arcadia Route!

Driftless MOA Presentation Schedule:

We are pleased to be presenting a seminar at the BMW MOA Rally in Virginia next weekend.

We will be presenting at 10:15 am on Thursday (6/8) and and 2:00 pm on Saturday (6/10).

We will also be camping on the rally grounds, so if anyone needs help, we can find a convenient place to meet during the rally.

May Driftless Challenge Winner!

We are happy to announce that the May Driftless Challenge Winner is Chet C. Chet is one of our Rever Driftless Challenge Participants!.

Congratulations Chet and thanks to everyone who entered!

The June Driftless Challenge is now active, so Let's Go!


Travel Safe!

Dale and Renee

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