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June 18th: Hwy 16 (MN) Route

Our highlighted loop this week is the Highway 16 Route in Minnesota.

Highway 16 is a popular motorcycle destination and makes up the backbone of this southern Minnesota route. From the tall bluffs along the Mississippi River to the western rolling farmlands, this slice of the country offers a wide variety of riding possibilities.  

The road sections that follow the Root River are both curvy and scenic with hills on one side and the river on the other. The areas closer to the Mississippi River offer more dramatic views and deeper valleys.  In addition to the great roads, there are many parks, museums, and historic sites along this route. One of our favorites is Magelsson Bluff Park near Rushford.  If Highway 16 is on your bucket list (and it should be), then the Highway 16 Route is a great way to experience it. You get to ride Highway 16 and so much more.


We are full on into riding season in the midwest. There are lots of rides, rallys and get togethers going on, have fun and ride safe!!

Dale and Renee

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