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July 5th Update: Driftless Ride Collection + June Challenge Winner!!

Many people might not be aware of this, but we have collections of rides in different areas of the country. This week we are highlighting our collection in the Driftless Area.

The Driftless Area is where we grew up and it was where we first started creating self-guided tours. If you are not sure where the Driftless Area is located, this picture shows the approximate area:

Most people think of the Driftless Area as only being in Wisconsin, but you can see that it also extends into Minnesota, Iowa and a small part of Illinois!

In addition to the natural beauty of the area, there are countless points of interest and roadside oddities to take in. The roads vary from open highway to narrow, technical town roads so riders need to stay alert for changing road conditions as well as wildlife!

We currently have 33 single day rides in the Driftless Area. All are paved and make a loop so you can start at any point on the ride and eventually you will end up back where you started.

In addition to the 33 single day paved rides, we have a few multi-day rides and a couple dual sport rides in this area as well.

The Driftless Area is easily accessible from metro areas like Chicago, Rockford, Des Moines, Rochester, Minneapolis and Green Bay. It is also easy to reach for East - West travellers if they are willing to venture a little bit North of Interstate 80.

Click Here if you would like to learn more about the Collection of Driftless Area Routes.

If you could like more information about specific routes or specific areas, you can use the search box or zoom in on our home page map.

June Driftless Challenge Winner!!

We are happy to announce that the June 2023 Driftless Challenge Winner is Dave R.! Congratulations Dave!!

The July Driftless Challenge is already underway, so get out there and ride!!

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Safe Travels!!

Dale and Renee

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