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Jul 20th: Colorado Wrap Up + Ride with Dale!

Renee and I just got back from an amazing trip to Colorado!

This past week Renee and I had a great visit to Colorado. We rode 3 of our loops, the Golden CO Loop, the Boulder Golden Loop, and the Mt Evans Loop.

The weather was terrific and the roads were amazing! We had a great time exploring the front range near Denver.

It was a bit of an effort getting used to the altitude, the trip to the top of Mt. Evans was a challenge, but it was also the highlight of our trip!

The Steam Shovel above was used to help dig the Panama Canal, the marker above is the gravesite of Buffalo Bill Cody. We had to stop since we live near the Buffalo Bill Cody birthplace.

Although we only had the time to ride 3 loops in Colorado, we are already working on plans to ride some of the other loops we have created. In all, we have 13 Colorado loops available and 2 more that are very close to being released.

Click Here and type Colorado in the search box to view all of our Colorado Loops!

Ride with Dale!

Dale is going to be in Southwest Wisconsin during the first week of August and he is looking for someone to ride with on either Thursday or Friday (8/3 or 8/4).

Since this is such short notice and on a weekday, we are expecting a very small group. If you would like to spend a day riding in the Driftless Area, drop us a note and Dale will send you the details!

Driftless Challenge:

There are only 11 more days left for the July Driftless Challenge. Be sure to get your pictures in to be included in the July drawing!


Safe Travels!

Dale and Renee

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