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Jan. 5th Update: Spotlight on Libby - Yaak (Montana) Loop

Libby - Yaak Loop:

This is a fun ride in a part of Montana that most people will probably never see. The Libby - Yaak Loop starts in Libby, Montana and winds North through the forests to a crossroad in Yaak. After Yaak, the route continues farther North on National Forest Road 92 to within 10 miles of the Canadian Border before turning back Southeast to Lake Koocanusa. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as this route follows Lake Koocanusa back to the Libby Dam and then on to the starting point in Libby.

The roads are mostly made up of gentle curves and elevation changes, but you should be vigilant because there are a few sharp corners and wildlife on the road is always a possibility. When we rode this loop in 2017, we started out in the morning and saw fewer than 10 other vehicles until we got close to the Libby Dam.

Be aware that there are limited services available on this ride. There may be gas / food / drinks in Yaak, but be sure to fill up ahead of time and take spare gas if you have a small tank.

So, if you find yourself in NW Montana or North Idaho, check out the Libby Yaak route for a fun afternoon!

Renee and I want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Year!!

- Dale

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