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Dec 6: Explore the Bridges of Madison Co (Iowa) DS Loop!

Dale's schedule has opened up a bit and so he has been busy creating some new routes. We will be highlighting new routes in our upcoming blogs. The first of our new loops in called the Bridges of Madison County Dual Sport Loop.

Image above was generated using AI

Follow the footsteps of Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep and explore the Bridges of Madison County, Iowa.

The Bridges of Madison Co DS Loop is located in centeral Iowa near the town of Winterset. In addition to the scenic bridges, Winterset is also the birthplace of John Wayne. So in addition to some great riding, there is an opportunity to enjoy some classic Americana.

This new loop is a Dual Sport loop because many of the roads leading to the iconic bridges are gravel roads and we included as many Iowa 'B' roads as possible.

Click Here for more information about our newest Dual Sport loop!

Safe Travels!!

Dale and Renee

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