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Dec. 22 Update: Spotlight on: Yellowstone Routes, Border Riders, and Route Testers!!

Yellowstone Loops:

This week, as in the past, we want to highlight two of our new routes; the Yellowstone North Loop and the Yellowstone South Loop.

One of the best ways to view Yellowstone National Park is on a motorcycle and a couple of years ago we were lucky enough to do just that. In addition to the amazing geysers and other thermal features, the roads are incredible (if the traffic is not bad). We have split the park into 2 loops and we have tried to include as many of the points of interest as we could find.

Although these are entirely paved routes, we have pointed out the 2 gravel roads inside the park for the dual sport fans.

For more information on the Yellowstone Loops, Click: Yellowstone North, Yellowstone South

Border Riders:

As we work on expanding our routes across the US, we have begun to make contact with riders in other areas. This week we were happy to connect with the Border Riders. The Border Riders are a group in Arkansas whose goal is to share information on great rides, restaurants, and points of interest in Arkansas and the surrounding border states. They are a very active and growing groups and we recommend connecting with them if you plan to ride in that area.

I had a great conversation with Todd Atkins, the founder and he has started an amazing group. In addition to Arkansas and the surrounding states, their group has connections to riders and motorcycle professionals all over the US. One of the best things about this group is that they are not a brand specific group and they are inclusive to riders at all stages of their riding journey. Be sure to check them out!!