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Apr 12: 7 New Utah Rides!

We have just released 7 new paved loops in Utah! While we will spend more time discussing these rides in the future, below is a short description of each ride. Click on the name of the route you would like to explore.

1. Cedar City Zion Loop: Southwest Utah, 160 Miles, 4.0 Hours

2. Hurricane Zion UT Loop: Southwest Utah/Northwest Colorado, 125 Miles, 3.5 Hours

3. Sheep Creek Skinwalker Loop: Northwest Utah, 180 Miles, 4.25 Hours

4. Ogden Bear Lake Loop: Northeast Utah, 190 Miles, 4.0 Hours

5. Flaming Gorge Loop: Southwest Wyoming/Northeast Utah, 150 Miles, 2.75 Hours

6. Dinosaur National Monument North Loop: Northeast Utah, 80 Miles, 3.0 Hours

7. Dinosaur National Monument South Loop: Northeast Utah/Northwest Colorado, 155 Miles, 4.5 Hours

We are really excited to share these new rides with everyone and we hope you enjoy them!


Safe and Happy Riding!!

Dale and Renee

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