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Aug. 26: Lone Rock (WI) Shamrock & Monument Valley (AZ) Loop

This week we are revisiting one of our favorite areas in Wisconsin and highlighting a bucket list item for many riders.

Lone Rock Shamrock (WI):

The Lone Rock Shamrock is a series of 4 half-day routes in the Southern Driftless Area near Lone Rock, Wisconsin.

These routes contain some new roads that are not currently included in any of the existing Driftless Area routes. The Shamrock is ideal if you are looking for a shorter ride, or if you are new to the area and want to experience some great roads!

Northeast Loop - 90 Miles - Elephant Trunk Rock, White Mound Co Park

Southeast Loop - 110 Miles - Hyde's Mill, Pleasant Ridge Store, Taliesin

Northwest Loop - 95 Miles - Steamboat Rock, Harmonic Resonance, Pier Co Park

Southwest Loop - 115 Miles - Dinky Store

Click Here for more information about the Lone Rock Shamrock!

For more routes near the Lone Rock Shamrock, Click Here!

Monument Valley Loop (AZ):

The Monument Valley Loop is a picturesque ride through Northeast Arizona and Southeast Utah. Starting in Mexican Hat, Utah, this route is filled with amazing scenery from the very first mile. As riders climb out of the San Juan River canyon they immediately see the first of many rock formations; Alhambra Rock. This is just a preview of what’s ahead.

Continuing on, riders climb to the top of a small rise and the famous Monument Valley rock formations are laid out in front of them. The road stretches out like a ribbon and riders can take in the scenery that has been featured in numerous movies and tv shows.

Monument Valley Road is located close to the Arizona state line and it provides a paved path to the Monument Valley Visitor’s Center. Riders can take a guided tour or a self-guided tour. Be aware that there is currently a limit on the number of people allowed in the park at one time, so call ahead or check their website for details.

Click Here for more information about the Monument Valley Loop!

Driftless Fun Fact:

One of the points of interest on the Lone Rock Shamrock loops is known as Elephant Trunk Rock. But it has not always been known by that name. An article in the ”Richland Democrat” from 1935 quotes the following told by a pioneer settler of the county "in a very early date it was called “The Devils Hitching Post.” Children were told that when there was a death in the community, a man on a black horse tied his mount there and wandered over the hills and valleys, bringing the death angel. Tradition says a man once saw the horse tied there and

approached to investigate. The horse seemed friendly and the stranger advanced to inspect and admire the animal, when a man appeared above on the cliff and the horse turned and

kicked, striking the investigator and bringing death." Such is the story told by mothers of the Devil’s Hitching Post some eighty years ago to their child.

Driftless Challenge:

There are only 5 days left to get your August Driftless Challenge entries in. Don't Miss Out!!

Click Here for information about the Driftless Challenge!

Safe Travels!!

Dale and Renee

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