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The Lone Rock Shamrock is a series of 4 half-day routes in the Southern Driftless area near Lone Rock, Wisconsin.  These routes contain some new roads that are not currently included in any of the existing Driftless Area routes.  The Shamrock is ideal if you are looking for a shorter ride, or if you are new to the area and want to experience some of the areas best roads!


Lone Rock Shamrock Loops legs are as follows:


Lone Rock Norrtheast Loop

     Approximate Mileage:  90 Miles

     Estimated Riding Time:  2.5 Hours

     Road Surface:  Paved


         Ithaca:  Elephant Trunk Rock

         Baraboo: Pewit’s Nest Nature Preserve, Baraboo City Sites      

         Hill Point:  White Mound County Park


Lone Rock Northwest Loop

     Approximate Mileage:  95 miles

     Estimated Riding Time:  2.75 hours

     Road Surface:  Gravel / Paved (2 miles of gravel-Can Avoid)


         Ithaca:  Elephant Trunk Rock

         Richland Center:  Steamboat Rock, Harmonic Resonance,                     Pier County Park, Little Rock Monument


Gravel Avoidance:  Right on County ZZ off of County Q.  Pick up route after Dayton Ridge Rd.



Lone Rock Southeast Loop

     Approximate Mileage:  110 miles

     Estimated Riding Time:  2.75 hours

     Road Surface:  Paved


         Ridgeway:  Hyde’s Mill

         Dodgeville:  Pleasant Ridge Store

         Spring Green: Taliesin

         Avoca:  Pulaski Church


Lone Rock Southwest Loop

     Approximate Mileage:  115 miles

     Estimated Riding Time:  3 hours

     Road Surface:  Paved


          Woodman: Dinky General Store


Motorcycle Rides, Reedsburg, Baraboo, North Freedom, Rock Bridge, Richland Center, Sextonville, Plain, Lone Rock, Spring Green, Boaz, Muscoda, Avoca, Blue River, Boscobel, Woodman, Dodgeville, Highland, Castle Rock, Fennimore, Mt. Ida, Mt. Hope, Bloomington, Montfort, Livintston, Cobb, Lancaster, LInden, Bridgeport, Praire du Chien, Steuben, Ridgeway, Gotham

Lone Rock Shamrock

  • If you are riding with a group, we ask that every person using our route for navigation purchase their own copy.


    In order to encourage this, we are happy to offer a discount for group purchases. Please contact us after purchasing 1 item at full price, and we will set up a coupon code that will give everyone in your group 50% off of the same item.  

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