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April 8th Update: Spotlight on Starved Rock (Illinois) Loop

The Starved Rock Loop explores the hills and valleys around the Illinois River near LaSalle, Illinois.

This route, named for Starved Rock State Park, contains several different types of riding. There are gentle hills and curves across the farmlands of central Illinois. Along the Illinois River and the Hennepin Canal, the hills are taller and the curves are tighter.

The highlight of the route is Highway 71, East of the park the curves are tight and the hills are short, but steep! On some weekends, there may be photographers present on some of the curves, so be prepared for that distraction.

Starved Rock State Park features outstanding hiking, rocky canyons and amazing views of the Illinois River. If you need a break from the great riding, take a few minutes to hike some of the great trails.

For more information about this route and many others, please visit our website

Driftless Challenge:

The 2022 Driftless Challenge is underway! If you are riding the Starved Rock Loop, the Driftless Challenge sites are: The Peter Toth Whispering Giant at Starved Rock State Park, and Hennepin Canal Lock #3.

For a list of all of the 2022 Driftless Challenge Sites, Click Here.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Dale and Renee.

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James O'Neill
James O'Neill
Apr 09, 2022

Great but I can't find a map for the Starved Rock Route.

Renee Hoke
Renee Hoke
Apr 09, 2022
Replying to

James, sorry we didn't get back to you sooner, but it looks like you have it all sorted out. We hope you have a great time!!

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