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April 15th Update: De Soto (MO) Shamrock; Driftless/NIBMW Zoom Call; WYBDR Screening

The Route Spotlight: The De Soto Shamrock (Missouri)

The De Soto Shamrock is a set of 5 short routes centered on De Soto, Missouri, which is just Southwest of St. Louis. These routes are designed to be half day routes so that you can ride 2 in a day, or just ride one if you only have a small riding window.

The loops are each between 75 and 110 miles in length and should take between 2.5 to 3 hours each to ride. The routes are designated North, South, East, West, and Northwest, depending on the direction of the route out of De Soto.

This area is filled with rolling hills and the roads follow the terrain features to provide for a constantly curving ride.

Since this part of Missouri has more paved roads, we were able to include a lot of smaller county and township roads, which are usually a lot of fun.

We want to thank C. Erikmann for help in scouting out these routes and providing the pictures.

For more information about the De Soto Shamrock and the rest of our routes, please visit our Route Index web page.

Driftless Roads USA / Northern Illinois BMW Zoom Call: