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Apr 6th: DuPont Pisgah (NC) Loop, Driftless Challenge!

This week's highlighted routes is in Western North Carolina, the DuPont Pisgah Loop.

The DuPont Pisgah NC Loop is located in Western North Carolina. Starting in Brevard, NC, this route wanders through the low valley before entering the DuPont State Forest. After DuPont State Forest the path turns North and enters the Pisgah National Forest.

The majority of the riding on this loop is in the Pisgah National Forest and while in the NF, the roads are constantly curving and winding as well as climbing and descending. There are a few gentle sweeping curves, but most of the curves are tight or even hairpins.

Click Here to learn more about the DuPont Pisgah (NC) Loop!

Driftless Challenge:

As you may know, the Driftless Challenge has started as of April 1st. If you don't know what the Driftless Challenge is, Click Here!

Starting this year, there is a second way to enter the Driftless Challenge, through the REVER Challenges.

If you are a REVER user, you can participate in the Driftless Challenge by joining the Driftless Challenge on the REVER website.


Next week we will be highlighting a couple of key events coming soon to the Midwest, be sure to look for it!

Safe Travels,

Dale and Renee!

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