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Apr 13th: Piedmont (MO) Loop, Kickapoo (WI) Oddity, Driftless Challenge Update!

This week's featured ride is a loop we rode last fall called the Piedmont Wappapello (MO) Loop!

The Piedmont Wappapello Loop is located in Southeastern Missouri. Starting in Piedmont, this route jumps into the fun right from the start. Leaving Piedmont and heading West, the terrain is filled with rolling hills that provide the twists and turns (and fun!).

The route eventually turns South and the road opens up into wide open sweepers before turning back to the East. Here the route changes again to tighter twists and turns for a short run before turning South again and eventually entering the Mark Twain National Forest. Inside the forest, the curves get tighter and tighter until the route begins the trip back North.

Heading North, this route passes through Wappapello and then back into the Mark Twain National Forest.

Click Here for more information about the Piedmont Wappapello (MO) Loop!

There’s Something Strange in Kickapoo: Motorcycle Travel

The recent fascinating article by Ultimate Motorcycling Editor Don Williams about the enigmatic—and weird—Mojave Megaphone got me thinking about some of the similarly odd things I’ve seen from the seats of my motorcycles over the years.

I was on a solo road trip back in 2011, cruising north on Wisconsin State Trunk Highway 131. Shortly after leaving La Farge, I noticed something sticking up in the woods to my left. It was one of those things that simply looked like it shouldn’t be there. It was a large, gray square-looking thing—a tower or obelisk of some kind.

Check out the rest of Gary Ilminen's Article in "Ultimate Motorcycling" about this strange building along the Kickapoo River.


Driftless Challenge Update!

The April Driftless Challenge is off to a great start! We already have several photos and numerous REVER entries. There is still time to enter but don't wait!

Click Here for more information.


Safe Travels!

Dale and Renee

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