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The Mindoro Cut Route includes one of the most famous motorcycle roads in Wisconsin, the Mindoro Cut.  It is the second-deepest cut built by hand in the Western Hemisphere and the oldest functional cut which has not been improved upon. However, the entire cut was completely resurfaced in 2019.  This route is centered on La Crosse, WI, and is among our favorites because most of the roads are smaller and very twisty. The majority of the Mindoro Cut Route is situated among the tall bluffs that border the Mississippi River and the resulting roads can be extremely challenging.  There are many parks and other points of interest along the entire route so be sure to check them out. One of our favorite stops is at Granddad’s Bluff, where the views are spectacular. In addition to the cut and the parks, this route also provides access to three Wisconsin Rustic Roads (#s 26, 32, and 64).


Approximate Mileage:  230 Miles

Estimated Riding Time:  6.5 Hours

Road Surface:  Paved



  • Coon Valley:  Norskedalen, Benrud Little White Chapel

  • La Crosse:  Shrine of our Lady of Guadelupe, Granddad Bluff, World’s Largest Six Pack, La Crosse County Courthouse, Hiawatha Statue, Blue Baby in Egg Statue, Boosie Mootel Barn Sign

  • Bangor:  Leo and Leona’s

  • Rockland:  Meadow Brook Park

  • West Salem:  Lewis Point Park, Dinosaur Sculptures

  • Mindoro:  Mindoro Cut

  • Onalaska:  Sunny the Sunfish, Cat and Ball of Yarn

  • Holmen:  McGilvray “Seven Bridges” Road, Windmill Yard

  • Stoddard:  R Little Winery

  • Coon Valley:  Coon Creek Cliffs State Natural Area

  • Rustic Roads #26, #32, #64


A Paper Map is available for this route.

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Mindoro Cut Route

  • If you are riding with a group, we ask that every person using our route for navigation purchase their own copy.


    In order to encourage this, we are happy to offer a discount for group purchases. Please contact us after purchasing 1 item at full price, and we will set up a coupon code that will give everyone in your group 50% off of the same item.

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