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At this time we only offer paper maps of the 33 original Driftless Area Routes.  Perfect for those of you who like to go old school, or if you want a paper map to use in conjunction with your GPS.  One follower recently told us he was excited to get some paper maps to sit around the table with his buddies and plan out some rides.  Great idea!  Each map is 19 X 13 inches when fully open and 5 X 6 1/2 inches when folded all the way down.  They will easily slip in a tank bag or large pocket.  The maps are made of waterproof, tear resistant paper.  Depending on the size of the route some maps will be printed in Landscape orientation and some will be printed in Portrait orientation.  The largest routes have been split and printed with half on the front and half on the back with plenty of overlap so they are easy to follow.  We have done our best to label as many small rural roads as we can to keep you on track.    Order your maps and start planning your own Driftless Road Adventure!

Paper Maps of the Driftless Area Routes

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