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May 23rd: Pike's Peak Loop in IOWA? YES! Check it out.

Many people don't know that Zebulon Pike spent time in Iowa and is honored with a State Park.

One of the highlights of The Pike's Peak Route is Pike’s Peak State Park. The park is named for Zebulon Pike who explored the area and also went on to explore Pike’s Peak in Colorado. The Pike’s Peak route traces the Mississippi River from Guttenberg to McGregor, Iowa, but the majority of the route is located in the hills and valleys west of the river.

The road along the river provides great views but is more heavily traveled. Away from the river the roads become smaller and less traveled. These roads also provide most of the fun as well as access to the towns and villages along the way.  

While Pike’s Peak State Park, which boasts amazing river views and Bridal Veil falls, is the most obvious attraction along this route, don’t miss Beulah Falls, the World’s Largest Strawberry, and the other...Click Here to read more!


Cars lie to us. Motorcycles tell us the truth - we are Small, and Exposed and probably Moving Too Fast, but that's no reason not to enjoy every minute of every ride!

- Dave Karlotski "Season of the Bike"


Safe Travels!

Dale and Renee

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