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May 17th: Wisconsin & Iowa Dual Sport Loop, May Driftless Challenge 1/2 Over!!

While most of our pre-planned trips are completely paved, we have been slowly adding some dual sport routes to our catalogue. The Wisconsin & Iowa Dual Sport Loop is one of our Dual Sport Loop.

The Wisconsin Iowa Dual Sport Route is full of great features; amazing roads, a ferry ride and a water crossing. This route also explores some of the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail roads such as Good Nuff Hollow, Dugway Road, and Fire Tower Road in the Yellow River State Forest. If you plan to ride this awesome route, be sure to check the Cassville Ferry schedule before setting out.

Be sure to check that the Cassville Ferry is in operation or else be sure to have a backup plan in place.

Click Here for more information about the Wisconsin & Iowa Dual Sport Loop.

Driftless Challenge!

The May 2023 Driftless Challenge is 1/2 over already!! That's hard to believe!

There is still time to enter, but you have to enter to win!

Enjoy some of last years Driftless Challenge Entries:

Click Here to learn how to enter the May 2023 Driftless Challenge!


Travel Safe!

Dale and Renee

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