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Mar 22nd: Eureka Springs (AR) South Loop, Tell Us 2024 Trip Plans!

This week's highlighted route is in the amazing Ozarks; it is called the Eureka Springs South Loop.

As the name suggests, the Eureka Springs South Loop is located South of the city of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 

Riders will enjoy a run through the Northern part of the Ozark - St. Francis National Forest.  A stop in Clarksville to hike to Glory Hole Falls makes for a great break and amazing views.

The Eureka Springs South loop does include a section that backtracks over part of the same road. We typically try to avoid this practice, but on the Eureka Springs South Loop, we wanted to include specific roads that left us no other choice. You won't mind retracing the same stretch, however, because the road is so much fun!

Click Here for more information about the Eureka Springs South Loop.

2024 Trip Plans:

We are scaling back on our travel plans a bit this year. We currently only have a trip back to Colorado and some tentative plans for riding in the Driftless Area on the books. Our plans may change though, who knows?

We would love to hear what your plans are for this year! It helps us to live vicariously through others as well as plan for our own future travel. So please drop us a line or post a response here or on Facebook. We would love to hear from you!


Safe Travels!

Dale and Renee

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