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July 21st: Mindoro Cut (WI) Route + Sale on Sturgis (Black Hills) Loops!

The Mindoro Cut Route:

The Mindoro Cut Route includes one of the most famous motorcycle roads in Wisconsin, the Mindoro Cut.

It is the second-deepest cut built by hand in the Western Hemisphere and the oldest functional cut which has not been improved upon. However, the entire cut was completely resurfaced in 2019.

This route is centered on La Crosse, WI, and is among our favorites because most of the roads are smaller and very twisty. The majority of the Mindoro Cut Route is situated among the tall bluffs that border the Mississippi River and the resulting roads, while paved, can be extremely challenging.

There are many parks and other points of interest along the entire route so be sure to check them out. One of our favorite stops is at Granddad’s Bluff, where the views are spectacular. In addition to the cut and the parks, this route also provides access to three Wisconsin Rustic Roads (#s 26, 32, and 64).

Click Here for more information about the Mindoro Cut Route!

Click Here for more routes in the Driftless Area!

Driftless Fun Fact:

Did you know that the hills of the Driftless Region actually “breathe”? It’s true! And it is one benefit of riding near them in the hot summer months!

The steep slopes built of limestone are full of holes, caves, and crevices. Hot air is taken in at the top of the slope and moves downward through those openings. It can actually come out the bottom of the slope 40 degrees cooler than it went in.

If you ride in the shadow of the bluffs and hills on a hot summer day, you will actually feel the cool “exhale” that comes from within the slopes themselves.

Black Hills (Sturgis) Loops at 50% Off!

Now is the time to get your routes for the Sturgis Rally. We have 10 loops set up in the Black Hills that cover the best roads, historic towns, and biggest attractions. You can save 50% when you buy all 10 loops.

You can ride the Needles Highway, Spearfish Canyon, Vanocker Canyon, Nemo Road, Iron Mountain Road, and many other great roads.

View historic sights such as Mount Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Crazy Horse Monument, Deadwood, Custer Park, Dinosaur Park, Jewel Cave, Wind Cave and many more.

For more information about all of our Black Hills Loops and how to save 50%, Click Here!

Driftless Challenge:

There is just a little over a week left to enter the July Driftless Challenge. Remember, you have to enter to win!!

Click Here for more information about the Driftless Challenge!

Next week we will share some of our thoughts and pictures from our great trip to the Driftless Area last weekend. Until then;

Stay Cool and Ride Safe!

Dale and Renee

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