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Feb 27: Exploring the Heartland: 99 Must-See Motorcycle Routes in the Midwest

With temperatures reaching the 70s here in Northern Illinois, it appears that spring is coming early this year. That is helpful because you are going to have to start early if you want to ride all 99 of our Midwest routes!

Ok, the scenery isn't that green, but the roads are still awesome, LOL!

As many of you know, we have been creating amazing rides for several years all over the country. But our heart and our home is in the Midwest. So of course that is where we have the greatest concentration of rides.

We have 99 riding loops in the Midwest ranging from Missouri to Minnesota. Most rides are paved, but we have a handful of rides that include some gravel roads. The majority of the rides are single day rides, but we also have some multi-day rides for your enjoyment.

Check out the map below: All of the diamonds represent a different ride. Single day rides are yellow, gravel rides are black and the rest of the colors are multi-day rides.

You can see this interactive map on our website If you go to our website you can zoom in on any area. If you click on any of the diamonds, it will take you to page with more information about that ride.

Remember: We have big discounts available if you buy route bundles. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions on how to save money!

These pictures are a very small sample of the roads and sights that you can see in the Midwest.

Ride Early, Ride Often!

Dale and Renee

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