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Aug 3rd: Mt. Evans Loop + July Challenge Winner!!

Renee and I just got back from Colorado and we wanted to share our favorite ride from the entire trip: The Mt. Evans Loop!

The Mount Evans Loop is located in central Colorado, West of Denver. This route starts in Idaho Springs and follows Chicago Creek up a canyon on the Mt. Evans Scenic Byway. Eventually the road starts to climb up the sides of the canyon through switchbacks and other inclines.

Just past Echo Lake and the Mount Evans Welcome Station, the route begins an out and back trip to the top of Mt Evans. This route climbs gradually up the mountain sides past the tree line and Summit Lake. Just past Summit Lake the road changes to a series of switchbacks up to the Mt. Evans Welcome Center and Summit.

Please be aware that access to Mt. Evans is regulated. You will need to reserve a time to ride to the top!

Click Here for more information about the Mount Evans Loop!

If you are looking for rides in other areas, remember we have routes and loops all over the US!

July Driftless Challenge Winner!

We are happy to announce July's Driftless Challenge winner is John W.

Congratulations John!

The August Driftless Challenge is underway. Click Here for information on how to enter!


Safe travels!!

Dale and Renee

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