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The Watertown Haunted Tour visits 8 sites where strange things have been reported over the years.  Located just Northwest of Milwaukee, this ride includes some great roads as well as some eerie scenery.  Although it is not listed as one of the haunted sites, the Holy Hill Basilica allows visitors to climb one of the towers for amazing views of the surrounding countryside.


Approximate Mileage:  120 Miles

Estimated Riding Time:  3.75 Hour

Road Surface:  Paved



Juneau:  Tabor Cemetery

Hubertus:  Holly Hill Cemetery, Hogsback Road (Home of the Goatman)

Oconomowoc:  Fowler Park, La Belle Cemetery

Jefferson:  Paradise Road, Aztalan State Park



Tabor Cemetery:  Witnesses have claimed to see apparitions here and have felt cold spots and gusts. Some have even said they've seen the Virgin Mary or experienced stigmata (bleeding from the arms and hands) after leaving this cemetery.


Holy Hill Cemetery:  The Carmelite Cemetery is the burial ground for Holy Hill’s caretakers, and the place where visitors encounter a strange phenomenon. Photos taken in the cemetery would sometimes be obscured by a thick mist that hadn’t been visible to the eye. But sometimes the mist does become visible, and the experience is particularly unnerving. Visitors to the cemetery at night have reported encounters with this peculiar mist. It is said to form quickly out of nowhere and soon engulf bystanders. The mist is said to form into the shape of a man, with clearly distinguishable features including the face, eyes, and a beard. Then, just as quickly as it rolled in, the apparition dissolves into the night air and is gone. Some speculate that this is the misty specter of the hermit, Francois Soubrio, who still lingers on the hill.


Hogsback Road:  Hogsback Road is not only known for being dangerous, but is the home of several disturbing local legends. The most prominent of these campfire tales is that of the murderous Goatman with reported sightings in the area dating back to the 1870s. One of the earliest stories of Goatman describes him as half man, half goat – the upper body is a man with horns and sharp fangs, the lower body is a goat with long, stringy red hair. He stalks broken down travelers and back road lovers, brutally mangling his victims and leaving their bodies swinging upside down in the trees like gruesome wind chimes.


Fowler Lake Park:  In 2003, an old man was out fishing on his boat at sunset on Fowler Lake.  It was thought that he either had a heart attack or something else, as he fell over the side of his fishing boat.  This man still haunts this lake every evening after sunset.


La Belle Cemetery:  This cemetery is home to a statue of a young girl and a cross. Legend says that her apparition comes out of the statue, walks to the water, and drowns itself in Lac La Belle. Another report is that the hands on her statue drip blood.   


Paradise Road:  The pretty woods surrounding Paradise Road are not as pleasant after dark. Drive along this road at night, and you might see hooded figures back in the trees. Roll your windows down, and you'll hear anguished screams.  Paradise Road is said to be haunted by the ghosts of three sisters who were sentenced to death and hung for practicing witchcraft.  Travelers on this roadway report shadowy apparitions, sounds of disembodied voices, footsteps and screams. 

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Watertown Haunted Tour

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