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The Southeast Wisconsin Rustic Road Loop is designed to help riders earn their Wisconsin Rustic Road patch in a single day.  There are 11 Rustic Roads on this loop!  Starting in Woodstock, Illinois, this route heads North to skirt Lake Geneva and then continues Northeast through the Fox River valley.  


Eventually this loop turns South and makes a pass through the edge of Bong State Recreational Area before  returning to Woodstock.


For more information on Wisconsin Rustic Roads, and for details on how to claim your patch go here.


Motorcycle Rides, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Proctor, Stony Point, Westville, Summers, West Fork, Winslow, Ozarks


Location:   SE Wisconsin

Approximate Mileage:  125 miles

Estimated Riding Time:  4  Hours 

Surface:  Paved



Burlington:  Zahn House, Martin-Zahn Mill, Vienna School, Old Spring Prairie Town Hall, Frankly-Hazelo House

Wisconsin Rustic Roads:  2, 5, 11, 12, 25, 29, 30, 36, 42, 43, 85

SE Wisconsin Rustic Road Loop

  • If you are riding with a group, we ask that every person using our route for navigation purchase their own copy.


    In order to encourage this, we are happy to offer a discount for group purchases. Please contact us after purchasing 1 item at full price, and we will set up a coupon code that will give everyone in your group 50% off of the same item.

  • Our digital routes are designed to operate in most GPS devices.  In addition to GPSs, our routes should work with several smartphone apps.  They will NOT work on Google Maps or Apple Maps.

    If you plan on using a smartphone app, we recommend the REVER app.  REVER will work with both Android and iOS and in addition to navigation it has many other great features.

    For best results in REVER, download the route to your computer first, then import into your smartphone.  Turn by turn may not work, so we recommend that you utilize the "Follow the Line" option.

    You can get 20% off your first year’s subscription to REVER by following THIS LINK.

    AND using this coupon code at checkout:  Driftlessforless.

    By using this link and coupon code a portion of your subscription fee will go to support Driftless Roads USA.

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