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The Natural Bridges Goosenecks Loop is located in Southeast Utah.  Starting in Mexican Hat, it is a short ride to Goosenecks State Park where visitors can see how the San Juan River has been carving out the canyon rock for centuries.


Leaving Goosenecks, as riders travel across the desert, a rock wall looms in the distance.  Eventually a pathway through the rocks appears, Moki Dugway.  This section of the road is partially paved and partially graded dirt so be prepared for some potential rough spots.


Once riders reach the top of Moki Dugway, the road carries them across the desert to the next great point of interest; Natural Bridges National Monument.  The ride through this park is very scenic, but the best views can be had with a bit of hiking.


After leaving Natural Bridges, the route continues on and takes riders past Mule Canyon Kiva and the Butler Wash Ruins.  These both provide a picture of past occupants of this area.  The road through the desert is gentle and flowing, but also curvy as it passes through rock formations in several areas.


This route eventually returns through White Mesa and Bluff to the starting point in Mexican Hat.


Location:  Southeast Utah

Approximate Mileage:  120 miles

Estimated Riding Time:  2.75 Hours 

Surface:  Paved / Graded Dirt on Moki Dugway



  • Mexican Hat - Mexican Hat Rock, Valley of the Gods, Goosenecks State Park, Moki Dugway, Moki Dugway Viewpoint, Valley of the Gods Viewpoint
  • Lake Powell - Natural Bridges National Monument
  • White Mesa - Butler Wash Ruins, Mule Canyon Kiva, Mule Canyon Ruins Trailhead
  • Bluff - Sand Island Petroglyphs, Navajo Twins, Bluff Fort Historic Site


Motorcycle Rides, Utah, Mexican Hat, Goosenecks, Moki Dugway, Blanding, White Mesa, Bluff

Natural Bridges Goosenecks Loop

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