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The Chinle Loop is located in Northeast Arizona and Northwest New Mexico.  There are actually 2 different riding experiences within this ride.  The Chinle Loop starts in Chinle, Arizona and explores the Canyon de Chelly National Monument, first on the South Rim and then on the North Rim.


After leaving the Canyon de Chelly North Rim, this route makes a big turn South and follows the Arizona New Mexico border past the Split Mesa and into Fort Defiance.  At Fort Defiance, the route swings East for a little side trip before returning to the town of Window Rock.  In Window Rock riders can visit the Navajo Nation Museum and the Window Rock Navajo Tribal Park.


Traveling West from Window Rock, the scenery starts out as desert pines and gradually gives way to desert scrub brush.  The route continues West to Burnside before finally heading back to Chinle.


Location:  Northeast Arizona

Approximate Mileage:  200 miles

Estimated Riding Time:  5 Hours 

Surface:  Paved.



  • Chinle, AZ - Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Tsegi Overlook, Junction Overlook, White House Overlook, Sliding House Overlook, Spider Rock Overlook, Antelope House Overlook, Mummy Cave Overlook, North Rim Drive
  • Chrystal, NM - Split Mesa
  • Window Rock, AZ - Window Rock Navajo Tribal Park, Navajo National Museum


Motorcycle Rides, Arizona, Chinle, Tsaile, Navajo, Fort Defiance, Window Rock, Grenado, Burnside

Chinle Loop

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