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September 9th Update: Upcoming Events + Changes at Driftless Road Adventures!!

Upcoming Events:

We hope you all are having a great week! This super weather makes us want to get out and ride and the next 3 weekends are going to provide plenty of opportunities.

Wisconsin Dells Rally - Sept 10th - 12th (This Weekend!!)

This weekend's Dells Rally is the 50th annual event hosted by the Wisconsin BMW Club and it is sure to be amazing. Located near Wisconsin Dells at the edge of the Driftless Area, there are plenty of great roads to ride and things to see. The rally team has done a super job of organizing this event. Be sure to check it out here.

Hiawatha Rally - Sept 17th - 19th

We are looking forward to attending the 44th Annual Hiawatha Rally coming up next weekend, September 17, 18, and 19. We have been trying to get to this rally for the past 4 years but something always interfered. In addition to the existing rally routes, we have created a special route for the rally. You can see a full sized map of this route and download it for free right here.