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Sept. 8th: Maiden Rock and Maiden Rock DS (WI) Loops + Aug Winner!

Maiden Rock (WI) Route:

Legend has it that the daughter of the Dakota Sioux Chief Red Wing jumped to her death from the cliff which is now called Maiden Rock. This route is named for that cliff which is visible from the Great River Road in Wisconsin.

This route is at the northern edge of the Driftless Area. Tall bluffs give way quickly to the rolling hills that make up most of this part of the Midwest. We managed to shoehorn a good ride into this area by taking advantage of all of the hills that exist. The Maiden Rock Route hugs the Mississippi River between Hager City and Stockholm, Wisconsin, but the rest of the route explores the hills that run north-south away from the river.

There are several parks in the towns and villages on this route, as well as the UFO Display in Elmwood and the Tribute to the Moon Mission and Crystal Cave in Spring Valley.

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Maiden Rock Dual Sport (WI/MN) Route:

The Maiden Rock Dual Sport Route is a Dual Sport lover’s dream. There are plenty of challenging gravel roads, but this route also includes some amazing paved roads.

The route was designed to provide some areas for people to practice their dual sport riding skills. Be sure to check out the water crossing