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Sept. 1st Update, Pier Natural Bridge Park (Boaz-Caz Rt), Pure Stodge Rally Routes, Labor Day Sale!

Pier Natural Bridge Park

Pier Natural Bridge Park is located along Hwy. 80 North, at Rockbridge in Richland County. It is on the Boaz-Caz Route. The park obtains its name from the Pier family, who donated the land to Richland County to preserve the site as a park. The site has a very unusual geological feature – a half-mile long “finger” of blocked and layered sandstone rising nearly 60 feet above the flood plain of two merging valleys. This narrow finger is topped by tall pines and covered with green shrubs. The West Branch of the Pine River meets with the Main Branch underneath this rock formation, which forms a Natural Bridge.

The Park has two historical markers – one indicating the unique rock formation and the other recognizing the significance of the Blackhawk wars in this area. The park has a man-made tunnel which allows visitors to walk through the rock formation to the West Branch of the Pine River. There are also stairs to walk to the top of the rock formation to view the surrounding area.

This 10-acre county park has 6 campsites, two shelters, picnic tables and grills, play equipment, and pit toilets. Camping permits may be obtained for a minor fee from the Natural Bridge Store, located next to the park. All camping is on a first-come basis. Don't forget, this is a stop on the Driftless Challenge, so be sure to get your picture and enter to win!

Pure Stodge Rally Routes

The 44th Annual Iowa BMW Motorcycle Rally, Pure Stodge Rally, will be held September 23-26, 2021 in Elkader, IA. Although we are not able to attend, we have created three routes for the event. They are free to download here. For more information on the Rally, click here.

Labor Day Sale

Don't miss our Labor Day Sale! Head to the Driftless Store and save 15% off of your entire order by using coupon code LABORDAY at checkout! But hurry...the code expires Monday at midnight!

Driftless Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to this month's Driftless Challenge winner, Vito D.! He will be receiving a great prize and will be entered in the Grand Prize Drawing at the end of October! Keep those pictures coming! September's challenge is underway!

Enjoy the long weekend and be safe out there!

Dale and Renee

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