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Oct. 6: Driftless Roads USA + REVER

Renee and I are happy to announce that we have been working with REVER to save you some money!

REVER is arguably the best GPS Phone App available today. In addition to being a great alternative to a standalone GPS, REVER has a lot of other great features too!

  • Route Planning Desktop App with several different types of views as well as access to all Butler Map roads.

  • Communities where you can share information with a private group and meet other like minded riders.

  • Challenges where you can record and track achievements. Some have prizes and some are just for bragging rights. We will be adding this as an option for next year's Driftless Challenge.

Over the past few years, we have tried several different phone apps and REVER seems to be the app that works the best with our routes on both Android and iOS phones.

You can save 20% off of your first year's REVER subscription by:


Entering this Coupon Code at checkout: DriftlessForLess

So if you have been considering purchasing a phone app for navigation, this is an opportunity for you to get REVER at a GREAT price!

Safe Travels!

Dale and Renee

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