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Oct 19th: Vienna Mt Sterling (MO) Loop, Driftless YouTube, Did You Know?

This week we wanted to highlight another route from our recent trip to Missouri: The Vienna Mt Sterling Loop!

The Vienna Mt Sterling Loop is located in Southeast Missouri. Starting in Vienna, Missouri, this route starts North across the surrounding farmlands. The path starts out with gentle sweeping curves but as the route approaches the Missouri River, the trees close in and the curves become tighter.

North of Highway 50, the curves get really tight as the road follows the bluff tops near the river. Expect speeds to be reduced in this area due to the curves and the residential traffic in this area.

Click Here for more information about the Vienna Mt Sterling (MO) Loop!

Driftless YouTube!

We are slowing adding videos to our YouTube channel. Our latest video is from the Clarksville Pig Trail Loop in Arkansas.

Click Here to see the Clarksville Pig Trail Loop and the rest of our videos!

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Did You Know?

Did you know that our Driftless Roads USA has a tremendous website search function?

We have indexed all of the main cities and towns along each route. With this indexing and the text about the route attractions, riders have many options to search.

If you want to see if we have a route or loop in a certain area or near a specific town, type your search in our search bar and if we have a route that includes your criteria, it will be displayed for you.

Give it a try!


Safe Travels!!

Dale and Renee

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