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Oct. 13th: Website Update!

Website Update!

Renee has been very busy updating our Home Page!

This new look is also more functional than our old home page.

  • You can zoom in by clicking on a state or by using the zoom buttons on the top left.

  • By zooming in you can see which rides are closest to each other.

  • Single day paved routes are YELLOW, any point that is Not Yellow is either a Dual Sport or a Multi-Day Route.

  • Once you are zoomed in you can pan to see a riding area in multiple state

  • Click on a point to see the route name. "Click For Info" takes you straight to that route's page.

  • You can go back to the home page from each route page in order to look at more routes in that area.

We are excited about this change and we think it is a big improvement!. We hope you like it too!

Click Here is you want to try it out!

Driftless Challenge:

October is the last month to enter the 2022 Driftless Challenge. There is still plenty of time to enter, but you have to enter to win.

Click Here to find out how to enter the Driftless Challenge!

Safe Travels!

Dale and Renee

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