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Oct 13th: Jefferson City Uranus Loop, Lower WI Dual Sport Loop!

More follow up to our last trip to Missouri, we wanted to share more pictures from the Jefferson City Uranus Loop!

The Jefferson City Uranus Loop is located in Southeast Missouri. Starting in St. Roberts, this route starts out in the valley along Interstate 44 and follows a section of Historic Rte. 66 before climbing to the ridgetop and turning North.

The path North zigs and zags along the ridges before dropping down to cross the Osage River. The route then starts to angle to the Northeast and weaves back and forth all the way past Wardsville to Highway 50.

We were lucky enough to meet the Mayor of Uranus! If you have never been to the Uranus Fudge Factory, Click Here for a quick peek!

This loop is an amazing ride and if you are interested in learning more about the Jefferson City Uranus Loop, Click Here!

Lower Wisconsin Dual Sport Loop!

We have had a lot of people ask us about Dual Sport loops. While most of our loops are completely paved, we have started to create some loops that contain some gravel. The Lower Wisconsin Dual Sport Loop is one of our loops that include some gravel portions.

The Lower Wisconsin River Dual Sport Route alternates between paved and gravel roads along the lower Wisconsin and lower Kickapoo Rivers in Southwest Wisconsin. Although this route passes through many towns and gas stops are plentiful, some of these gravel roads feel very remote. Keep an eye out for wildlife!

Click Here for more information about the Lower Wisconsin Dual Sport Loop!

Customized Routes!

We have a lot more great route ideas, but we still have time to create a special route just for you! If you have an epic ride in mind but don't know how to create it, send us a note and let's talk about it. We can give you some ideas or we can even create it for you. We are happy to help you ride your dream ride! Click Here to get the ball rolling!

Route Planning Workshops!

With the riding season starting to wind down in the midwest, we are starting to line up some Route Planning Workshops. We will blog about them as well as post them on our website events page and our facebook events page. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, or join our mailing list so you are sure you don't miss a chance to attend a workshop!


Safe Travels!!

Dale and Renee

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