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May 13th Update: Black Hawk Trail (WI) Route + 4 Great Events Starting NEXT WEEK!

Black Hawk Trail Route:

This week we wanted to revisit one of our great Wisconsin Routes, the Black Hawk Trail Route.

The Black Hawk War was a tragic period in early Wisconsin History. The Black Hawk Trail Route includes a series of historical markers commemorating the events that occurred during the Black Hawk War in this area. In addition to following the trail of Chief Black Hawk, this route provides the rider with an opportunity to enjoy portions of the beautiful Mississippi Great River Road as well as part of the scenic Kickapoo River Valley.

The Black Hawk trail Route consists of a great variety of roads. Along the Mississippi river, there are some great open stretches resulting in a more relaxed riding atmosphere. You will also tackle small roads in a multitude of valleys that provide a more challenging riding experience. In addition to the amazing roads, the Black Hawk Trail Route also includes many tourist sites, monuments, parks and natural areas like the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. Finally, this route provides access to Wisconsin Rustic Road #55.

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Upcoming Events:

Next week starts the first of 4 big events in May and June that we wanted to share with you:

May 19th - Route and Trip Planning Workshop - Windy City International Cycle - St. Charles, I