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March 12th Update: Black Hills (Sturgis) Routes + Driftless Challenge!

First things first! We are so excited that so many of you have decided to accept our challenge....the Driftless Challenge 2.0!!

Judging by the number of downloads we had of the sites, we are expecting a lot of entries this year. Now all we need it to wait for April 1st and good riding weather! If you would like to get your download of the list of all of the 2022 sites just click here.

Black Hills (Sturgis) Routes

When we decided to expand outside of the Driftless Area, one of the first places we looked at was the Black Hills. The Black Hills are a big motorcycle destination and of course, home of the annual Sturgis Rally.

We have created 10 new paved routes which are currently available in the Driftless Store. You can save 50% if you buy all 10 routes in either a Zip File, USB Thumb Drive, or SD Card.

Here is a brief description of each route. For more information, please visit our Driftless Store: