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Jan. 18th: Harrison Witts Springs (Ozark) Loop, Workshop Update!

Our featured route this week is another Ozark route: The Harrison Witts Springs Loop.

The Harrison Witts Springs Loop is located in Northern Arkansas.

This route starts in Harrison and heads Southwest across the valley floor before climbing up to the Gaither Mountain Overlook. After passing the overlook, this route wanders through hilltop farmlands then drops down to the Buffalo River Valley floor at Ponca.

At Ponca, this route follows the Buffalo River for a few miles before crossing over the river and climbing to the hilltop on the opposite shore. The route zig zags through the hilltop farmlands before angling Southeast on Highway 16.

Highway 16 twists and turns as it follows the ridgeline for many miles. There are very few straight stretches in this section of the routes as the road follows the contours of the hills until it drops back into the valley in the small town of Witts Springs.

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Workshop Update!