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Jan 12th Update - Spotlight on: Beartooth Cody Loop & Route Testers!

Beartooth Cody Loop:

This weeks highlighted route is the Beartooth Cody Loop.

The Beartooth Cody Loop is one of our favorite rides and it includes one of the Top 10 roads in the United States: the Beartooth Highway. This route includes amazing roads and spectacular views and should be on everyone's to do list.

The Beartooth Cody Loop is a triangle made up of 3 different rides. Starting in historic Red Lodge, Montana, the first part of the ride climbs the Beartooth Mountains and over the Beartooth Pass before crossing the summit at over 10,900 feet.

The second leg of the ride comes back down the mountains on the Chief Joseph highway and across the Sunlight Bridge and into Cody, Wyoming. In Cody, you can take in the many historic sights, or ride a short distance out of town to see the Buffalo Bill Reservoir and Cody Dam.

The final section of this ride returns across the plains from Cody to Red Lodge, passing through Bear Creek. If you time it right, you can take in the Pig Races at the Bear Creek Saloon.

Be sure to check the weather before you set out. It can change quickly at 10,000 feet!

Route Testers:

We are overwhelmed and grateful for the response we got when we asked for route testers. We are still looking for more testers in the west and south, but of course, we have plenty of time for that.

We will continue to stay in contact with the people who have volunteered and as that weather warms up, we will start sending out new routes for people to test.

Please let us know if you are interested in testing out some new routes for us.


Dale and Renee

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