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Jan. 11th: Cape Girardeau Loop, REVER Update, Workshop Zoom, Custom Routes!

One of our newest Ozark rides is called the Cape Girardeau Loop!

The Cape Girardeau Loop is located in Southern Missouri 30 miles West of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. While there are not a lot of points of interest on this loop, the riding is spectacular.

Starting in Marble Hill, this ride starts North and jumps into the twisties almost immediately. Turning West, the route hugs the hilltops and enters the Mark Twain National Forest. Inside the National Forest, the fun continues as the curves line up back to back for miles on end.

After exiting the National Forest and passing through Annapolis, the path continues to the Southwest and the curvy roads continue. The wonderful curves follow the hilltops all the way to Ellington where the path turns to the South and East.

The path back East is just as amazing as the way West. There are similar tight twisties on the ridgetops and wider sweepers in the valleys, especially where this route follows Highway 34 for a short distance. With another pass through the Mark Twain National Forest, this route is a gem from start to finish!

Click Here for more information about the Cape Girardeau Loop!

REVER Discount Code:

We have worked with REVER to get our customers a discount on a REVER Pro subscription. To get 20% off of the first year's subscription, use This Link.

When you get to the checkout, use the coupon code: Driftlessforless.

This coupon code is case sensitive. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Customized Routes:

Do you love to ride but hate to plan? Are you riding in a new area and need help finding the best roads? Don't have the time or patience to study multiple maps and ride reports?

We have you covered! We can route you through your favorite stops or string together your favorite roads. Let us know what you are looking for and we will handle the rest!

You choose your North American destination and we will create a route customized to your specifications.

This is the perfect time to start planning for next year's adventures.

Click Here for more information about Custom Routes.

Route Planning Zoom Call This Weekend!

We had 2 great workshops this past weekend:

We have another Zoom Workshop scheduled for this weekend!

Here is a short overview of what will be covered:

The workshop topics are: GPS Theory (sorry!), Garmin Basecamp Introduction and Demonstration, REVER Trip Planner Introduction and Demonstration, Loading GPS Routes into Navigation Devices and Smartphones. The informal presentation and discussion will take about 2 hours.

We also set aside some time to do some one on one support to help people with their specific issues.

Here is the current schedule and links to sign up:


Sunday, Jan. 15th: Public Session: Zoom Internet Meeting.

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Click Here to reserve your spot!


Saturday, Jan. 28th: Public Session: Triumph Waukesha

Waukesha, WI

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Click Here to reserve your spot!


We are also working on scheduling 2 more public sessions in Madison and La Crosse, WI, and depending on how the January 15th session goes, we might schedule another Zoom session. Be sure to subscribe or become a member of our website for the latest information!


Safe Travels!

Dale and Renee

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