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Feb 5th Update: Spotlight on the Bighorn Mountains!!

Situated between the Black Hills, Yellowstone National Park and the Bear Tooth Highway, the Big Horn Mountains are often overlooked as a riding destination. However we have found riding in the Bighorns to be just as enjoyable as anywhere else. In order to help other riders enjoy these riding gems, we have created 2 routes, the Bighorn North and Bighorn South Loops.

The area in and around the Bighorn Mountains provides riders with a great variety of roads and surrounding scenery. There are scrub deserts, deep canyons waterfalls and rolling mountaintops. You can cruise the awesome straights, carve the curves or take an optional gravel road to look at dinosaur fossils.

Wildlife is abundant, so you need to keep an eye out. During our two days of riding we saw wild horses, goats, moose, deer, sheep, marmots, and tons of rabbits, squirrels, etc. Bring your hiking shoes and sun screen to visit the Native American Medicine Wheel.

If you are looking for a different riding destination, or if you are passing through on your way to somewhere else, be sure to check out the Bighorn Mountains for some GREAT RIDING!

Ride Safe!

Dale and Renee

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