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Feb. 25th: Spotlight on Glacier National Park Loop

The Glacier National Park Loop is an amazing ride and it includes one of North America's Must-Ride roads: Going to the Sun Road.

This ride starts in East Glacier, Montana and winds North through mountains and valleys on the way to Glacier NP's East entrance. This part of the route can be ridden at highway speeds and is really fun. It is also not as heavily traveled as the roads in the park, but you still need to be alert for sharp corners and wildlife.

Once you get to the park itself, the pace slows down quite a bit due to traffic, but the slower pace will give you a chance to take in the amazing scenery that unfolds before you. You will be able to see incredible rock formations and many waterfalls.

Be sure to bring your hiking shoes if you want to trek to St. Mary Falls or hike on the trails in the park.

Once you exit on the West side of Glacier NP, this ride follows US Highway 2 back to East Glacier. While there are still plenty of amazing views, remember that this a US Highway and it can have heavy traffic at times.

Here are a few more pictures of Glacier NP:

One last thing: Glacier NP is operating on a reservation system. You will need to make a reservation before you are able to ride in the park. For more information, please visit The Glacier National Park website prior to your trip.

Ride Safe!

Dale and Renee

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