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Feb. 17th: Covington (VA) Loop, + REVER Free Workshop

This weeks highlighted ride is in Northwestern Virginia and straddles I-64. This loop is an excellent side trip to take if you are attending the BMW MOA National Rally in June.

The Covington VA Loop is located in Northwest Virginia. Starting in Covington, this route climbs quickly and turns to the Southwest before coming to the first point of interest, the Humpback Bridge. Crossing under I-64, the path continues to the Southwest for a long stretch of curvy roads in the Dunlap Creek valley. The valley starts out fairly wide, but as the path progresses, the valley narrows and the curves get tighter and more frequent.

The route leaves the main road for a fun side trip up the Snake Run valley before turning back to join the main road. Shortly after returning to the main road, the path crosses into West Virginia for a short time before climbing up and over the ridgeline and back into Virginia. Descending on the other side of the mountains, the ride passes by Tinglers Mill and the fish hatchery before climbing up and over another ridgeline.

Click Here for more information about the Covington VA Loop!


REVER is hosting another free ZOOM workshop as part of the REVER Whatever workshop series on Wednesday, February 22nd. I have attended other REVER webinars this year and I always learn something new. They also leave time at the end of the workshop for additional questions.

Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting out, this live webinar is an opportunity to expand your knowledge on REVER and fuel your passion for adventure motorcycle riding.

Click Here for more information and to sign up for this Free REVER Webinar!

As you know, we have a partnership with REVER where you can get a 20% discount off the first year's subscription to REVER Pro.

If you are interested in a subscription to REVER Pro, you can get a discount by Clicking Here and using the following Discount Code: Driftlessforless.

A portion of your subscription will help to support our website!


We are adding new rides all the time, be sure to subscribe to our website for the latest updates.

Safe Travels!

Dale and Renee

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