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Dec. 29th Update: Mt. Rainier & Mt. St. Helens Route, Where are you riding next year?

Mt. Rainier & Mt. St. Helens Route:

This week we wanted to introduce everybody to another one of our new routes, the Mt. Rainier & Mt. St. Helens Route.

This was a great ride that we took with our oldest son and his wife and we wanted to share it with everyone. Overall, the riding and the scenery are incredible. Visits to Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens are icing on the cake!

This ride is broken into 3 segments that can each be completed easily in a single day. The first day starts in Covington, WA and circles around to the South side of Mt. Rainier and into Mt Rainier National Park. The ride follows Stevens Canyon to a big visitor center near the Paradise Inn where you can stretch your legs and get some refreshments. After this stop, the route curves back to the southeast and ends in Packwood.

The 2nd day is an out and back trip to the Windy Ridge Viewpoint for a view into the blown out cone of Mt. St. Helens and Spirit Lake. It's hard to imagine that the major eruption in 1980 was over 30 years ago. You can still see the destruction and the direction of the blast in all of the downed trees.

We wanted to let everyone know that the road to Windy Ridge is paved, but it is a National Forest road and therefore is not maintained to the same standard as national or state highways. Be ready to avoid potholes and dips.

On the return ride from Windy Ridge, we have identified the entrance to NF-26. This is an alternative route back towards Packwood, but it may have some short stretches of gravel, so be aware of that if you choose to take that road.